Bertram Whitford portrait

Bertram Whitford

Designer and maker of sumptuous bespoke furniture

With over 12 years experience, Bertram Whitford is a bespoke furniture maker in London who specialises in creating innovative, bespoke, free-standing furniture that is designed around the client’s individual style, environment and needs.

He is a traditionally-trained cabinet maker with a passion for his craft. Bertram has an eye for detail and an inimitable design style: his work is a testament to the handmade, the sustainable and the enduring. His furniture ‘wears in’.

The workshop also produces small-batch runs of luxurious homewares, for sale in the Shop, and occasional one-off items for exhibition. The latter are true collectors items. In an age of throwaway culture, and the brief lifespan we have come to expect from the objects in our lives, Bertram’s work rallies against the norm.

He trained under respected maker John Lloyd in Sussex, were he learnt the traditional methods of cabinetmaking. Since then he has established his own business making bespoke pieces for mainly private clients.

A meticulous attention to detail and a distinctive design ethic are the hallmarks of his approach to furniture. When combined with boundless patience and finely honed tools, the results are plain to see – whether you are commissioning a set of dining chairs or a dovetailed jewellery box.

Bertram has a workshop by the Thames in southeast London; he loves his work and relishes the opportunities and challenges each new commission brings. He has exhibited across the UK and internationally.

View his body of work in his portfolio – and do get in touch if you would like to enrich your life and commission a piece of bespoke furniture; your children shall certainly be glad you did.