Bertram Whitford

Furniture Designer & Maker

My name is Bertram and I make beautiful furniture that will be a pleasure to use, behold and touch. I specialise in creating innovative, bespoke pieces that are designed around your individual style, environment and needs.


In 2010 I completed my tuition under respected maker John Lloyd in Sussex where I learnt the traditional methods of cabinetmaking. Since then I have established my own business making for private clients. In 2012 I appeared on the BBC show Handmade Revolution and was named judges’ favourite. Consequently, my Bonheur du Jour was on show at the Victoria & Albert museum in London.

A meticulous attention to detail and a distinctive design ethic are the hallmarks of my approach to furniture. When combined with boundless patience and finely honed tools, the results are plain to see – whether you are commissioning a set of chairs or a dovetailed jewellery box.

I share a workshop by the Thames in London, love my work, and I relish the opportunities each new commission brings. If I am not in the workshop, then I am likely just next door, in the machine shop.

Please have a look through my portfolio and do get in touch if you would like your life to be enriched by a piece of bespoke furniture; your children shall be glad you did.

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