Boombox Ice Wells

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A rather different (and hugely fun) project undertaken for Red Bull and the west London club Tape London.

The brief was for a “drinks serve tool” which closely replicated the design of an 80’s boombox, to be used at the club’s VVIP tables to deliver drinks packages.

Whilst the faders and switches are purely aesthetic, each of the three units is swathed in gold and coloured acrylic laminate, laser-etched with audio interface design from the period, with real speaker grilles. The interior ice well is removable and LED-lit from beneath, the dimmable lights operated from a hard-shell, waterproof case. Each unit is carried by flight case handles at either end.

The Red Bulls sit etched within the cassette deck are and are also gently backlit, and Tape London’s logo is incorporated into the design of the speakers. There is space for a dozen Red Bulls cans to sit in mirrored acrylic cutouts around the ice well, not forgetting four sparkler holders made from walnut in each corner.

Laser cutting and etching by the marvellous Lasercut.London.

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