Douglas Fir Chest

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A splendid blend of rough and smooth is to be found in this chest. Reclaimed Douglas fir and Valchromat are chalk and cheese when it comes to surface textures. The fir was ripped off thick sections of timber and the central partition is left raised and bandsawn. The wood is littered with imperfections and holes, and the inside of the chest reveals the weathered face of the fir, which has been kept intact as far as possible.

Using discarded sections of Douglas Fir, this epitomises my zero waste woodworking ethos of using materials to their very end.

This is in contrast to the sleek and velvety finish of the valchromat which divides up the chest, offering relief to the eye and hand.

Hinged and with soft-close stays, the lid gently comes to a close of its own accord after an initial push.