Lyctus Cabinet

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The Lyctus beetle is not a friend of the average woodworker. Thankfully, we operate a ‘zero-waste woodworking’ policy:

Upon discovering that the sapwood of some carefully selected London Plane had been attacked by this little beast, we decided to celebrate rather than curse its unwelcome intrusion. Planing the wood down the correct amount allowed the beetle’s travels through the timber to be revealed. These pathways were filled with liquid copper to highlight its exodus.

A luxury cabinet made to house glassware and drinks, this piece uses the raw, live edge of timber to stunning effect, combining it with curved lower shelving in aspen and solid copper supports.

The tambour has a sleek copper pull which mirrors the contours of the wood. Rising up, it disappears within the cabinet to reveal adjustable London Plane shelves.

Inspired by the Lyctus beetle and created to make something beautiful from what would otherwise be regarded as a disparaged piece of timber, this cabinet also embodies the singular and remarkable nature of one-off pieces of furniture.

(NB: The holes were made by the beetle’s exit; it shall not return. The timber was also carefully treated against further infestation.)

Made from London plane, aspen and copper.

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