Purple-Hearted Dining Chairs

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A set of eight dining chairs commissioned to live with an existing old, gnarled oak table. The brief was for a design to compliment the bumps and shapes of the table with a flowing, asymmetric form that featured few sharp edges.

These chairs have steam bent back legs, which maximise efficiency and strength, and carefully shaped spindles in the wonderful, naturally coloured purpleheart timber. Each chair is unique in its design as no two sets of spindles are identical, instead they play on repetition of form, utilising various curves from other components of the chair’s design.

Made in English elm and purpleheart, with traditionally upholstered drop-in seats made by Abigail Dace.

This Purpleheart mirror may also be of interest, as it uses prototype components from this set of chairs! An example of Bertram’s ‘zero-waste woodworking’ ethos, whereby timber is used to its full capacity.