Discover the range of bespoke frames made by Bertram for all types of art from portraits through to abstract expressionism and collage.

Using a range of techniques including bespoke hardwood mouldings, inlay and traditional gesso and water gilded gold leaf, Bertram can create a vast array of styles to suit any particular work of art.

All work designed and made in his London workshop.

gold leaf gesso bespoke frame corner

Gilded Portrait Frame

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Gilded frames made in the traditional manner.
Vinyl frame for record lp frame jimmy carr

LP Vinyl Display frames

/ / / /
Stylish, modular framing for LP vinyl albums made from ash, with three colours of Valchromat edging.
Distressed gold leaf gesso bespoke frame

Distressed Gilded Frame

/ / / / /
A gilded frame made in the traditional manner, with distressed appearance.
Grey bespoke portrait frame

Sprayed Portrait Frames

A pair of elegant, modern frames for contemporary portraits.
cherry and poplar bespoke frame

Cherry & Poplar Portrait Frame

/ / /
A striking portrait frame made from cherry and poplar.
Flared oak bespoke frame

Flared Oak Frame

/ / /
A frame for a headmistress’s portrait, painted by Beka Smith.
Valchromat bespoke frame

Tinted Portrait Frames

/ / / /
Two frames in similar styles for a headmaster’s and an engineer’s portrait, painted by portrait artist Beka Smith.