Chilli red glassware cabinet

Chilli Red Cabinet

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This wall-mounted cabinet sits in a new kitchen and was designed to not look like a typical kitchen cabinet. The Chilli Red name comes from the colour of acrylic used to form one end and base of the cabinet, chosen to match the red in the artwork above it.
Sapele LED side table

SCZ Table

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A side table with integrated LED lighting. Sandwiched between two layers of grey Valchromat, an acrylic strip diffuses ambient light out into room from the top and base of the piece.
Boom box drinks serve red bull

Boombox Ice Wells

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A rather different (and hugely fun) project undertaken for Red Bull and the west London club Tape London. The brief was for a “drinks serve tool” which closely replicated the design of an 80’s ghetto blaster, to be used at the club’s VVIP tables to deliver drinks packages.