A range of unique handmade coffee tables and other side tables all designed and made in our London workshop. The wooden coffee tables, like ‘Long John’ and ‘Further’ use sustainably-sourced UK or EU timber and are one-off items. They will not be made again, meaning you are able to own a unique work which can be passed down for generations.

In this range of tables you can find two belonging to Bertram’s zero-waste woodworking ethos. He creates furniture using ‘off-cuts’ or in this case, other discarded materials – a trampoline and vacuum cleaner hose – which act as starting points for new designs. They often result in truly unique handmade coffee tables.

The majority of Bertram’s work is by commission, but in exploring other avenues of making and materials it allows him to create singular pieces of handmade furniture. They probably would not have to come to see the light of day if it were not for stepping outside of this design box and incorporating these elements.

Another example of this zero waste woodworking idea is the Starburst Clock. This used interestingly-shaped off-cuts from chair components to act the springboard to design a clock.  Often by constraining ourselves to an initial shape or material we end up with a clearer vision of how a piece of furniture or homeware will look.

Another item here which has proved popular, during lockdown especially, is the Drop-Down Desk. It marries good design to the wall and so saves your precious space. An old concept, updated for 21st century living.